Billy Elliot

Oh, wow... was it ever amazing.

First, sorry for the delay in posting this, but I'm sick. Again. Every time I go to my sister's house I leave with a cold of some sort. It's the kids... I love them, but I'm beginning to believe that all little kids are germ farms.

So anywho, despite the fact that I was feeling like crap yesterday, I went to see Billy Elliot last night and had a glorious time. I went my new friend Jenny who lives in my neighborhood. She's so nice. Here's a link to her blog.

If you know about the show, three different boys alternate playing the role of Billy. We had David Alvarez, a classically trained ballerina and an adorable little kid. His dancing blew me away. He's Cuban, but from Canada, and his family moved to New York so he could attend The American Ballet Theater's Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School. (To which he received a full scholarship, btw.)

Here are the boys on The View:

Because they alternate playing the lead role of Billy, there was all sorts of chatter about this year's Tony Awards, and the administration committee just ruled that they'll be considered jointly for a nomination. So, if they're nominated and win, they'll share the Tony. I hope they do!

What else... Oh, we had the understudy for the dance teacher, Mrs. Wilkinson. Her name was Jayne Paterson and she was so good that I have a hard time believing the other one could be better. So party on, Jayne. You rocked it.

Go see the show! Men, women, children—it's something everyone will enjoy. It's at the Imperial Theater (which, btw alchies, has a bar inside the theater [as opposed to the lobby] so you can bring your drinks back to your seat and party through the performance) and they're selling tickets from now through January 2010.