Snuggie Improvements

So after using my Snuggie for a few weeks now, I've come up with a few ways to improve it.

(PS - I talked about these ideas with the wonderful Kix Chicks—Jennifer and Linda—from Kix 106 FM in Kitchener, Ontario this morning. It was so fun! I love Canadians... Thanks, ladies!)

Okay, here goes:

1) Use a different fabric. The thing is a static machine. Bev and Elvis are not fans of the shocks that accompany this:

Snuggie Static

2) Add a see-through vinyl panel for those super cold days (yesterday) so you can be completely covered up but still watch TV.

3) Add zipper to said panel so you can snack without uncovering.

4) Add insulated snack pouch so said snacks are easily accessible. The Snuggie is hard to walk in so kitchen runs are not easy.

How would you improve it?