My Favorite Sandals: Kork-Ease

I want to introduce you to my favorite shoes. They're called Kork-Ease and they were really big in the 70s. Here's a link to a little history about them. They were originally made in Brooklyn.

Originally created in the 50's as a comfort shoe, Kork-Ease burst into the fashion scene as a must-have in the 70's. Bette Midler wore them. Designer Betsy Johnson owned at least 10 pairs. Any respectable hipster under 30 owned at least one pair of them. Celebrated and adored, Kork-Ease spawned a variety of wedge 'wanabees.'"

Last summer I got a pair and wore them every single day. In fact, I wore them until they fell apart. (But, I walked all over creation in them so I don't hold it against the company.) They were the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. I could walk for miles and miles and miles in them and my feet would never get tired. They never gave me blisters either.

I'm going to get another pair this summer but I'm not sure what color to get. I had them in natural (pictured above) and I'm thinking about getting the same color again because they went with everything. But I really like the brown, too, and even the black is cute. (But my feet are usually pretty pasty and black sandals don't look very good on me.)

The style I had was the "Ava" and that's what I'll get again. They gave me height but weren't too tall. The taller ones—the "Bette"—would be cute for a night out but not for every day. And the shorter ones—the "Myrna" —are too short for me.

The Ava in brown and black:

The Bette in some other colors I like:

Decisions, decisions.