Ted Haggard On Divorce Court

Mark booked Ted Haggard and is wife to appear on Divorce Court!

Get the TiVo ready: Haggards going on 'Divorce Court'

The Haggards are in Los Angeles to tape an appearance on Universal Fox's "Divorce Court," which will be broadcast nationally on April 1 and air locally on Fox 21, KRMX.

The show's presiding judge, Lynn Toler, is interviewing the couple about how their marriage survived in the wake of the 2006 revelation that Haggard, founder and former pastor of New Life Church, was having a sexual relationship with a Denver male escort.

The Haggards say their marriage and Christian faith are stronger than ever, and they want people to know that divorce is not the answer.

"This is part of Ted's journey," Gayle Haggard said. "It's made him a better man. I see what has happened as a divine rescue."

Several weeks ago, "Divorce Court" producers asked the Haggards to appear on the show to talk about their marriage, executive producer Mark Koberg said. "Divorce Court" sometimes sets aside court drama to feature Toler's interview of a well-known married couple.

Yay, Mark! Can't wait to watch!