Daily Tweet Roundup

Me, today:

  • #Shamrockshake @altgeldshrugged We can't get Shamrock Shakes in New York! Isn't that sad?? #
  • RT @sdjacobs77 Check out www.eatingbrooklyn.com and comment on reviews. We're looking for sponsors and need all the hits we can get! #
  • twitpic.com/26tao - Greetings from the St. Patrick's Day Parade NYC #
  • twitpic.com/26uri - The cutest thing about the parade: All the kids with red hair. #
  • twitpic.com/26xgv - This is Klaus. 10 min ago I found him & Bev dressed as Leprachauns doing green beer slides in the kitchen. #
  • twitpic.com/26z1s - Happy St. Patrick's Day from Mexicana Mama! #
  • I'm getting a pedicure right now and I haven't shaved in, like, 3 days. I feel sorry for the pedicurist. (I'm so gross, I know.) #
  • Recipe for sleep: Margarita + Cookie + Pedicure #
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