Daily Tweet Roundup

Me, today:

  • Beverly's putting on a purple pinafore for the awards tonight. And what are you wearing? #
  • Watching the red carpet with my mom & step-dad. The commentary is amazing. My step-dad just said someone's dress was "crummy." #
  • Watching Mickey Rourke on Barbara Walters. I produced a show at Ananda with Carre Otis once and she was such a fab, real person. #
  • I'm six minutes behind. Starting now. Kate Winslet looks beautiful. #
  • Don't like Amy Adams necklace. #
  • My mom on SJP: "That dress is disgusting. It looks like she's going to prom." #
  • Best dressed so far: Taraji P. Henson. #
  • I love Miley Cyrus' dress. She looks so cute. She's a teenager; she can pull it off. #
  • Oh, oh! Penelope Cruz. New best-dressed. Nice... #
  • What's going on by Marisa Tomei's boobie? #
  • It's starting! It's starting! Arguing with Mark right now. He thinks it's too dark. I like it. #
  • Standing ovation for Hugh. So deserved. Nice one. #
  • Mark thinks this new format is "capturing the glamour, excitement and magic that movies represent." He's so gay. (But so right.) #
  • Yay! Milk! Yay! Milk! #
  • Re: Dustin Lance Black... I thought it was obvious, but after his acceptance speech my mom goes, "Is he gay?" #
  • Arguing with my mom about SJP's boobs. She thinks boob-job; I don't. Thoughts? #
  • That last guy needed to be pulled off the stage ala Gong Show. #
  • I just want to put it out there: I loved Australia. #
  • Mark, totally excited, right after the musical number: "If Sean Penn wins these will be the gayest academy awards ever!!!" #
  • Zac Efron again? Quite a presence at the Academy Awards. They're trying to lure in the youngsters, I bet. #
  • Paul Newman, Paul Newman... those eyes... gorgeous 'til the day he died. #
  • Sophia is bringing it. Look at those hooters! #
  • I want Meryl! She was so amazing in Doubt. #
  • Oh, Kate's dad with his hat! God love him. Tears, here. #
  • Mark: Alright, here it is: The only thing going for Mickey is that dead dog... #
  • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #
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