So I'm pretty sure I've had the swine flu. Or maybe it's just the regular flu. Whichever it is, it's lasted for 10 days and has sucked all the life out of me. I think I'm getting better, but I can't get rid of this terrible cough that's deep in my chest. And I still have rales when I breathe. They sound like Rice Kripsies and they freak my sister out. We were on the phone the other night and she said something that bothered me, so I exhaled really deeply into the phone until she screamed "Stop!" to get back at her.

I haven't gone to the doctor because my fever's gone and I thought I was on the mend, but if this chest thing doesn't go away in a couple days, I'm heading there.


The only good thing is that I've already had the flu this year and hopefully won't get it again!

I finally went to the doctor and I'm on antibiotics and Prednisone. Not too happy about the Prednisone, but it's only for 5 days. Thank you for your well-wishes!