Should I Be Worried?

I painted my radiator a few months ago with this paint by Krylon:

When I bought it, I asked the guy at the hardware store if I could use it to paint a radiator and he said yes.

So anyway, my radiator just went on for the first time this season and my apartment smells funny. I'm sure it's because they haven't been on since last winter, but the paranoid freak inside me is now wondering about the paint.

I looked at the paint can and it doesn't say anything about whether or not you can use it on radiators, so I went to Krylon's website and saw that they have a special paint for radiators.

Now I'm even more paranoid that I didn't use that kind.

Should I be worried about this? I just don't want to be lying in bed one day and have my apartment explode. (I also don't want to die from inhaling fumes.)