Los Angeles

I'm going to LA in a couple weeks and I'm so excited. Mark's boyfriend David always gives me a hard time when I come to visit because I stay for so long. He's always like, "I heard you were coming for a weekend," and, "I heard you were staying at a hotel."

No, David. I'm coming for TWO WEEKS and I'm staying WITH YOU!


I can't wait until we get to see each other. I've even added a countdown clock to my blog so I know exactly how many days, hours, and minutes are left until we can be together.

I promise I won't get up and make eggs at four in the morning this time. And I promise I won't—

Well, here's a funny but gross story:

Last time I stayed with Mark and David, the plumbing in the entire house backed up. They had to call a professional out to fish the line and, when he was done, he was like, "Yeah, you had like eight tampons jammed in there, plugging things up."

Whoops. (Absorbant little f*ckers, though, aren't they?)

So, anywho, I promise I won't ruin the plumbing again this time, David. And I promise to make you a casserole.

We are planning an outing to Yosemite while I am there, and Mark is totally into his camera just like me, so we will take tons of pictures.

Okay, off to learn how scare away a bear!