Gwyneth's Cleanse

I'm going to do Gwyneth Paltrow's cleanse starting tomorrow. Here are the details from her website GOOP. (What kind of a name is that?)

Who else is in? C'mon, c'mon... don't make me do it alone. We can support each other.

I need a kickstart before I go to LA. Mark and David are vegans now (such gays), and while I'm not going vegan, I do want to cut out refined sugar and wheat (gluten, really) before I go. If I get one week down here, maintaining it there with them for two weeks will be much easier.

So anyway, back to GOOP. I'm going to follow the cleanse exactly except I'm going to replace the chicken with fish and I'm not going to cut out coffee. I can't cut out coffee and sugar in the same week—I'd keel over. And besides, there's been study after study about how caffeine isn't bad for you.

So that's it. Who else is in?