Daily Tweet Roundup

Today I was...

  • counting down hours 'til the debate! #
  • worried about Alexandra Wentworth. I LOVE this woman--she's smart and hilarious--but why does she have such big bags under her eyes? #
  • watching the debate! Gobama! #
  • so nervous for them. I can't imagine being in their shoes right now. #
  • thinking they need a talk show producer to get these guys to go at each other. #
  • wishing I produced the debate. I'd play the Rocky song, they'd start throwing punches, Obama would channel Appolo Creed, and McCain, Mickey. #
  • moving over to CNN. Like their coverage the best. #
  • bothered that David Gergen is such a low-talker. I'm sorry, but what are you saying? #
  • wondering who David Gergen is and why I'm supposed to care about his opinion. #
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