Laney From Intervention

Oh wow... someone just posted this in the comments section on my post about Laney from Intervention.

Attention Laney/Intervention fans! Laney will be LIVE in Boston to answer questions and meet us all. She is going to be in town in Oct on business, and then has a private church function, but her counselor told me she could meet before her meeting. Also, if we can get 30 people, she'll do a FREE meet and greet/photo opp for us too, to share her story of success and getting off the Malibu Rum. I made a dirty registration site here - please sign up!

I pray to God this is real and not a hoax. If it is, someone in Boston needs to go and take pictures for me. I hope she brings her cat.

PS - Laney, if you are reading this, I do not mean to poke fun. It takes tremendous courage and strength to overcome an addiction, and for that, I applaud you. (I just love your cat and the fact that you rode around with him in a limo. I would probably do the same thing with mine. Well, maybe.)