Miley Cyrus Photo Exclusive

My friend Mark sent me this email today:

I'm going to try to get you an exclusive today. Miley Cyrus is back on the lot filming Hannah Montana, so I'm going to try to take her picture today for your blog.

I got all excited, thinking I was going to get an exclusive picture of Miley. I imagined teeny boppers around the world visiting my blog to see it and buying my books in the process. I was going to be rich.

After a bit, he sent me this instant message:

I just sent you a great pic of Billy Ray, did you get it?

Change my "teeny bopper" daydream to middle-aged women and I was still excited... until I looked at my email and saw this:

Yes, that's his "great" pic. It's almost as good as his Adrien Grenier one.

A gossip blog I am not.