New Words For Nora

So I taught Nora the term "butt crack" the other day.

It was an accident.

She was wearing a pair of jeans that were too big on her and she bent over to pick something up and I could see her butt crack, so I said, "Hey, I can see your butt crack!"

So, maybe it wasn't an accident, but I was half-way across the room when I said it and I didn't think she'd hear it, let alone remember and repeat it. But maybe I did think she'd hear it—why else would I have said it? Sometimes I just don't think before I speak.

Anyway, this morning she had just gone potty and was still naked when she pointed to her butt and proudly announced to her mommy/my sister, "That's my butt cracking!"

I guess that's what she's going to call it.

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