My Mark

Divorce Court is celebrating its tenth season this year and my friend Mark, being the executive producer of the show, has been getting some great press. I'm so excited and proud of him. Yay Mark!

Here he is in TVWeek:

Here he is on Yahoo News:

And here he is quoted in Broadcasting & Cable:

The first ever court show was Divorce Court, which has been on and off the air in some form or another tracing back to 1957,” says Ritch Colbert, co-principal of Program Partners...

Says Mark Koberg, executive producer of Twentieth's Divorce Court: “One of the things we hear over and over again is that Divorce Court is great because it's the same thing day after day. The other side of that coin is that Divorce Court is the same day after day. So we're not going to go too far from our format but we are going to offer a variation on what people have been seeing.”

Divorce Court has lasted much longer than some of the marriages it helps get undone: Its tenth season begins this fall in its third iteration with Judge Lynn Toler and it is adding two new segments. One is called “Before the Vows” and it features Toler counseling engaged couples before they head down the aisle. The couples in question will have their relationships scrutinized from all angles. Toler will talk to the would-be brides' and grooms' families, and submit them to lie-detector tests and compatibility quizzes.

Toler isn't a licensed counselor, but “Who knows better than someone who sees marriages fall apart on a daily basis?” asks Koberg.

Divorce Court also is going to feature segments called “Save My Marriage,” looking at couples who don't want to get divorced but who are having serious problems. “These segments have evolved organically within the court proceedings over the years,” says Koberg. “With these couples, Lynn determines that there's nothing really 'divorceable' going on so she gives them work assignments and checks back in with them later to see whether they've been able to make the marriage work.”

Divorce Court always has been more about the relationship and what they are going through than what they are in court over,” says Koberg. “It's about real people with real problems that everyone can relate to."

**This Sunday, August 24th at 7:00 PM, the TV Guide Network's show "InFANity" is going behind the scenes of Divorce Court, so you'll get to see my Mark in action! Tune in and then come here afterwards to chime in with your thoughts on the show.**