Your Pets

As I'm going through old emails looking for reader pics, I'm realizing that everyone sends me pictures of their pets. Some are funny and, others, damn cute, so I've decided to make a "Readers' Pets" picture folder on my Facebook page as well.

If you've already sent me a picture of your pet, then check it out. If you haven't, then please send me one, BUT HERE'S THE THING... you must give me a little blurb about them, about something they do that's funny.

Like, for example, pets with human qualities are good. My friend Mark has two dogs, Brisco and Gertie.

Gertie's a rescue and is really sassy. We always say that she works in a nail salon and gossips all day.

Brisco, on the other hand, is a more standoffish and reserved. We always say that he works in the loan department of a bank. He sits behind a desk all day and shuffles papers around because he doesn't really know what he's doing and doesn't want anyone to know.

You can Photoshop your pics or give them thought-bubbles, but you don't have to. Like, for example...

This is Veda. She likes to eat poop.

Okay, so please email your pets pics to me at mail [at] In doing so, please realize that you agree to the submission terms. (Totally ripped from until I have someone make my own.)


PS - I'll put some good ones on this blog, too!