Attention: High School Friends

I've been connecting with old high school friends on Facebook and it's so fun. If we went to high school together and you're reading this, sign up and be my friend and I'll connect you with others. I've even created a private photo album of old pics that only we can see. (Sorry, everyone else. I don't draw the line often, but my bangs were so big and my eyebrows, so bushy, that I can't bring myself to share the pics with everyone.)

Oh, and in case you are wondering, I told Laura to join and she asked if married people are on it. Yes, married people are on it. Facebook isn't as teeny-boppy as MySpace was/is. Everybody has a page. My sister and all the Connecticut mommies have pages. My friend Naomi and all the Chicago mommies have pages. Emmy-award winning producers I've worked with in the past have pages. Attorney-friends have pages. You get it, so sign up!