Beverly's A Superstar

Last night I was out walking Beverly when my friend Sam called and asked me to meet him out for a drink. He was out with a writing group he belongs to, and a girl who's part of it is a big fan of the blog. I, of course, said yes and soon found myself sitting next to this nice girl (Natasia), listening to her gush about how much she loves Beverly.

Bev was still with me at the time, but she was in her bag (she's not allowed inside food establishments so I had to sneak her in), so while Natasia was able to see her and say hello, she wasn't really able to check her out.

At the end of the evening, when we were all safely outside, Bev jumped out her bag and, tail-a-waggin', walked around to greet everybody. Now, in her defense, she had just gotten a bath and was really fluffy, but it was so funny... Natasia took one look at her, cocked her head a bit and goes, "Oh, she looks like a little... sausage."

Oh, Beverly... my little porky Yorkie. Momma loves you and that's all that matters.