Bernie Mac

I started to write this post on Saturday, but didn't finish until now. I'm so sad Bernie Mac died. He was one of my favorite comedians/comedic actors EVER. Like, he and Will Ferrell were pretty much tied for first place. He never even had to open his mouth to make me laugh—his facial expressions said enough. I absolutely loved him.

This is totally weird and I don't mean any disrespect by telling you this story, but I think about him at least once a day and here's why:

I have a million nicknames for Beverly and Elvis, and there's always a strange story as to how I come up with them. Ever since Beverly was a puppy, I've called her "Mama's Pretty Puppy Girl"—"Pretty" for short. (Totally dorky, I know.) "Pretty" eventually turned into "Purdy," and then, one night while I was watching the movie Guess Who with Bernie Mac and Ashton Kutcher, "Purdy" turned into "Percy." It was the name of Bernie Mac's character in the movie and it sounded similar to "Purdy," so I just looked over at Beverly and said, "You're Percy!"

I call Beverly "Percy" all the time—you can ask any of my friends—and every time I do, I think of Bernie Mac for a split-second.

When people ask how I came up with the name and I tell them because it was the name of Bernie Mac's character in a movie, they always look at me funny and say something like, "And Beverly reminds you of Bernie Mac?"

No, Beverly does not remind me of Bernie Mac and Bernie Mac does not remind me of Beverly—it's just that "Percy" sounded like "Purdy." That's it.

So anyway, that's my story. I'm telling you this because I think if Bernie Mac ever heard it, he'd give me that look he gives so well, the one that says, "Crazy bitch..." and then mumble something under his breath.

Kind of like this look:

Or this one:

Goodbye, Bernie Mac... you will be sorely missed.