Look Who's Back!

Look who's back!

Sammy's back!

It's Sammy the squirrel!

I was so excited when I saw him this morning. He was sleeping in a little ball, but then he woke up because listen to what happened!

Another squirrel came along and I can't figure out if Sammy likes him or not. (This one is definitely a boy because I saw something that looked like a weenie on the lower part of his belly.)

He was hanging around on the fire escape for a while...


...and then he peeked his head inside the door and woke Sammy up.


Rather than invite him in, Sammy started squeaking and making noise—it was a regular squirrel showdown.


The second squirrel eventually backed off so now Sammy's sleeping again, but he's got one eye open watching out for this other guy.

So now I'm curious about squirrel behavior. Why didn't Sammy let the other guy share his bed? Are squirrels territorial? Or, do you think they know each other and maybe the other guy is watching out for Sammy while he gets a good nap in? Will they take turns? Will Sammy let the other dude get some shut-eye after he gets his?

So many questions and not nearly enough motivation to search for the answers on the internet.

You know what I just realized, though? This is how it begins. This is how seemingly normal people become crazy squirrel people. (Or crazy cat people.) You are witnessing what could be the beginning of the end for me.

UPDATE: Omg, the other squirrel walked on Sammy's side of the fire escape door and Sammy lunged forward and attacked him. They definitely aren't friends.

I'm so angry I didn't have my camera ready to capture it. I'm getting out the video camera.

UPDATE 2: Oh wow... These two have had like four more fights, but I can't get the video camera working fast enough when I realize it.

Laura asked what Beverly and Elvis have been doing this whole time, so I'll tell you: Beverly has been sleeping on the bed and Elvis has been humping a t-shirt of mine in the corner. They really know how to defend their turf.