My New Pet Squirrel

There's a squirrel sleeping in my window sill. He's been there since morning.

Elvis first spotted him around nine o'clock or so, building a bed out of leaves.

The hunter and the hunted

Oh, hello there

Initially I didn't want him there (because you know he's probably got fleas, and also, squirrels are gross, like rats with tails), so I knocked on the window a few times hoping to scare him away. But the little bugger is stubborn and wouldn't leave, so I decided to let him get a good nap in.

Napping squirrel

He's been sleeping now for about ten hours and I'm not sure if I should wake him. Elvis is voting "yes" and wants him out, now.

Watching the squirrel

Anywho... During the course of the day, we've made eye contact a few times and he seems kind of sweet. He's little, too, like maybe a baby. Also, although I can't be certain, I think he's a boy. I just get that feeling from him. I've been calling him "Buddy" but he needs a real name. Any suggestions?