Old Friends, New T-Shirts

Naomi and me trying on tees in a fitting room at Henri Bendel:

Naomi and me at Henri Bendel

Please notice how I'm trying to suck in my stomach with a little help from my hand. Someone's getting fat.

Here's another picture:

Me and Naomi at Henri Bendel

It's a little blurry, sorry, but did you see how Naomi's inner thighs don't touch? Skinny bitch.

Anywho, about the t-shirts... Henri Bendel had a bunch of them, each printed with a different list of personality traits. Naomi picked out the one that best fit me and I picked out the one that best fit her.

Here's the one she picked for me:

e.vil Pisces horoscope tee

And here's the one I picked for her:

e.vil Gemeni horoscope tee

She's not really frivolous, ostentatious, or radical, or but she's definitely multifaceted, highly talented, triumphant, and a mastermind.

We didn't realize it at the time, but the tees were based on zodiac signs. Even though Naomi's a Virgo and I'm a Libra, based on what we picked for each other, I should be a Pisces and Naomi should be a Gemini.

The Libra one said...


Brigitte Bardot.
John Lennon.
Olivia Newton John.
Yohji Yamamoto.
Mahatma Ghandi.

I'm so not any of those things. (Except articulate and, of course, refined, as evident in the picture in this post.)

PS - We didn't buy the t-shirts. We just tried them on for fun. Wee!