The Most Perfect Day

Today is the most perfect day.

I'm on a road trip with my sister, brother-in-law, Nora, Jack, and Beverly, and we're on our way to Rochester, NY to visit our step-sister, Tracy, and her family for the weekend. Bev and I are sitting in the way back of a Ford Explorer and we're just having the most delightful time. I was dreading sitting back here, but I'm all sprawled out with my feet up in the air... I feel like a kid again.

Anywho, as for the perfect day... It's gorgeous outside. GORGEOUS. The sun is shining brightly but it's not too hot outside and there's a beautiful breeze in the air. And the sky... *swoon*... I've never seen a sky as lovely as the one today. It's so blue and filled with all these big, puffy, cotton-ball clouds... it's magical. I don't mean to sound all peace and love and I swear I'm not high, it's just really amazing. I've taken pictures; I'll upload them later.

Oh wow... someone just farted. My money's on Nora. Little tooter.

Okay, back to gazing out the window...

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