Brooklyn Flea, Finally

So I finally made it to the Brooklyn Flea yesterday.

Welcome to the Brooklyn Flea

I went with my old roommate, Scott, and had a lot of fun.

I saw some lovely things, like...


Art at the Flea

You can check these out at


Jewelry at the Flea

These necklaces are made out of scarves, ties, etc.

And pickles!

Pickles at the Flea
This guy said, "My mom, dad, brother and I make these pickles and jar them in Detroit." You can get some here: McClure's Pickles.

I even had two celebrity sightings!

The first was Sia. I didn't take a picture of her, but I saw her in this one when I got home:

Sia at the Flea

Do you see her? She's over there on the right, in the blue and purple skirt.

I know, I know... her head is turned and you can barely see her face, but trust me, it's her.

The second celebrity sighting I had was... Elvis!

Elvis at the Flea

How cute is that? I'm going to try and make one this winter.