Monkeys In The News

I saw a cute picture on MSBNC of a grieving monkey in India who lost her baby and "adopted" a puppy. I wanted to link to it but couldn't for some reason, so I did a search on the ole Google and found it on a website called Monkeys In The News. So, of course, I'm now over the picture and instead obsessed with the fact that there's a website that covers only monkeys in the news and nothing else. I mean, how great is that? It's been around since 2004, too, and prior to that existed as a website called Monkey Day. That's some serious monkey love right there.

Anyway, here's the picture...

Isn't it sweet? I want a monkey. I mean, how fun would that be? You know how when I sometimes bring both Elvis and Beverly to my sister's house in Connecticut on the train and feel like Jack Hanna in the process because I'm traveling with a small zoo? Adding a monkey to that would make it so much better.