Dylan's Candy Bar

I just left Dylan's Candy Bar, my favorite candy shop in New York. It's located on Third and 60th, kitty corner from the uptown Bloominmgdale's. If you ever visit New York, you should check it out.

Anywho... I was there getting candy to decorate Nora's birthday cupcakes with and you'll never guess what I scored... white cotton candy for the sheep! It was supposed to be purple, but whoever dyed it didn't do a very good job because half of it was white. But their mistake is my gain. Yay for me!

Oh, btw, I'm not making only sheep cupcakes. I'm making pigs, chicken, and cows, too. I'm also making cookies that spell out "E-I-E-I-O". That was my sister's idea; I can't take credit for it. The big baking day is tomorrow and I'll post pictures, so make sure you check in!

Btw, Dylan's was started by Ralph Lauren's daughter, Dylan. Totally random, but did you know his real last name is "Lipshitz"? It is. Ralph Lipshitz, that's it. Doesnt quite have the same ring as "Lauren," does it? (Was that in a movie? How do I know that?)

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