I watched "Infamous" last night, the movie about Truman Capote. It was released a little bit after "Capote" and didn't get as much attention, but, oh my God, how I LOVED it! Toby Jones did a knock-out job portraying Capote, and, even though I LOVE Phillip Seymour Hoffman, I think I liked his (Jones') portrayal more.

Anyway, it was really, really great movie. It's a drama, but it's also funny, and the costume and set design are amazing. Other people in it are Sigourney Weaver, Isabella Rosellini (who looks gorgeous, btw), Sandra Bullock (who plays Harper Lee), and Daniel Craig (who plays one of the killers.)

BTW, Truman Capote wrote both Breakfast at Tiffany's and In Cold Blood in the basement apartment of this house in Brooklyn Heights:

Truman Capote's House in Brooklyn

He talks about it in another book he wrote called A House on the Heights.

I always knew he lived in Brooklyn Heights, but never knew where. I just Google-mapped it...

...and, based on its location, realized that I've probably walked past it a million times. I'm going to have to go back now and take my own picture.

UPDATE: Ooh, lookie! You can rent the house!