Roller Skates

I want to get some outdoor roller skates for exercising. I'd get roller blades, but 1.) I can't stop in them, and 2.) Roller skates are so much more fun.

I've been looking online for a nice pair and I think I've decided to get the short ones that look like sneakers as opposed to the tall ones that look like ice skates.

So, this:

day 254: i don't want to take them off.
day 254: i don't want to take them off., originally uploaded by i am krisan.

Not this:

Awesome Roller Skates at the Hub on Brook St.

I can get different colored wheels and fun glittery laces; I can make them really cute.

I like roller skating. I used to do it all the time when I was younger. I'm going to put them on my birthday list.