More Monkeys

I can't stop thinking about some of the comments people made over a week ago on the monkey post. Seriously.

Like this one:

I have always wanted a monkey. Specifically, an orangutan. they are so cute. and funny.

Andie, I love that you want not just a monkey, but an orangutan. I'm still laughing over this for some reason. I guess because, in my mind, I picture you walking around with an orangutan, like going to the grocery store, etc. Scruffy would not be happy.

And this one:

I had a friend who had a monkey a little kind, not spider monkey but a marmoset, who ate kitty litter and it exploded in his tummy, killing him. I was so sick over that, still am, that little monkey went everywhere with him. I loved that monkey.

TTQ, this is terrible, one of the most frightening thing I've ever heard.

And this one:

When I was little, my neighbors had a monkey. At night it stayed in a giant cage in their dining room. One night it reached out of the cage and grabbed some matches off the credenza and set fire to the house. So I would not recommend a monkey as a pet.
— Anonymous

This sounds like it's out of movie. Who knew the little buggers could be so mischievous?