Renegade Craft Fair

I went to the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend. It's a very cool craft fair with hip designers—not all like the craft fairs you grew up going to with ugly Christmas ornaments and dolls. It took place at the McCarren Park Pool in Greenpoint, which is an old empty swimming pool in McCarren Park. (Duh.)

Anywho, I got a bunch of cute things, but my favorite is this necklace made from a vintage typewriter key:

Back Space Pendant

I was going to get a "K" but then I saw the "back space" key and I had to have it because I'm always saying things I shouldn't.

You can get one online at The Weekend Store. They make rings, earrings, bracelets, cuff links, etc.

Vintage Typewriter Key Jewelry

The Renegade Craft Fair happens every summer in Brooklyn, Chicago, and San Francisco. If live in or near one of those cities, you must check it out!

BTW, this is Wilson; I met him at the fair.


Isn't he cute?

Wilson's mommy works for ReadyMade magazine. You should buy it, subscribe to it, give it as gifts to everyone you know.

I bought some Shrinky Dink paper from them for Nora and Jack.