My Pets = My Family

I'm at my sister's house in Connecticut right now, soaking up the central-air-conditioned air. I ended up taking an eleven o'clock train here Sunday night after losing power in my apartment. I packed my bags and made my way down three flights of stairs in a pitch-black building carrying my dog, cat, and bag using only the light of my BlackBerry. I then walked to the subway in the middle of a lightening storm, positive I was going to get struck. But I didn't and I'm alive and so are my pets.

If I didn't have Elvis and Bev, I probably would've stayed in New York Sunday night. But it was supposed to be 97 degrees on Monday, and while I could've found an air-conditioned place for me to go to if my electricity still wasn't working, it would've been more difficult to find a place for me, Beverly and Elvis to go. I live on the fourth floor of a walk-up (the penthouse, baby!), and even when the AC is working, it gets hot up there in the summertime. There was no way I could've left my babies up there without air. My pets are my family; I'm responsible for their well-being.

I know the majority of people who read this blog are animal lovers who don't need me to tell them to take extra precautions when caring for their pets during record-breaking temperatures, but I'm going to do it anyway: TAKE EXTRA PRECAUTIONS WHEN CARING FOR YOUR PETS WHEN IT'S HOT OUTSIDE. They're domesticated animals and they can and will overheat just like you.

This message was paid for by the following panting animals:

My Hot Dog (And Cat) from Karyn Bosnak on Vimeo.

I know the above video is incredibly short and boring, but I just wanted to show off my lil babies.