My Gardenia

I'm not taking credit for this because my gardenia was ready to bloom when I got it, but look what happened last night!

A flower! Yay!

Now, a couple of things regarding this little bugger...

Dayna... You told me to re pot it so I'm going to do that as soon as I find some dirt. I don't want to buy a big bag of it because I don't need a lot (and then I'll be all worried about wasting dirt, which is totally weird, I know), so I need to find a little bag somewhere or bum some off someone. (How funny would that conversation be... "Do you think I could have some of your dirt?")

Karen... I will not touch the buds when they open, I promise. I will smell them, though.

Caryn, Ms. E.... I will make sure to keep it high on a shelf when it's inside so Elvis doesn't eat it and get sick.

Marisol, Frank... I thought about naming her, but I haven't yet. Suggestions?

Aimee, Lizziebell, TTQ, Erin... Thank you for your encouraging words! I can do it!

Ms.... I Googled it again and there seems to be some conflicting ideas on how to best care for gardenias. I read this on HGTV's website...

Enjoy them as houseplants in the winter and set them outside for the warmer months.

They usually perform best in full sun but may appreciate shade during the hottest part of the day in the warmest parts of their hardiness range.

Gardeners in the humid South seem to have the best luck with gardenias planted outdoors where they're basically left alone. Those kept in pots often don't thrive for long, even in the hot and humid climates they prefer.