Mother's Day

Imagine my surprise when I went to check my mailbox today and found a card inside from Beverly.

At first I was a bit confused because the postmark says "California" and, to the best of my knowledge, Beverly hasn't been there recently. But it's definitely her handwriting on the envelope, so I can only assume she made a secret trip there recently, perhaps while I was sleeping or something.

The card inside was definitely something she'd pick out:

She loves Yorkies because they look like her and she loves herself.

And she signed it using a special nickname I have for her, a nickname that Mark always makes fun of me for using:

I love you, Beverly... "Mommy's Little Button Head." Thank you for thinking of me on this special day.

PS - I'm only left to assume that Elvis is going to bake me a cake or something.

UPDATE: Laura, this was Beverly's reaction when I told her you called her a lazy-arse:

Obviously, she's pissed.