Meet Kiki

My friends Patty and Ted adopted a dog from Animal Haven in Soho last week named Kiki. Kiki is a Bichon and she's four years old. I met her a couple of days ago and completely fell in love. Isn't she so cute?

The only thing Patty knows about Kiki is that she was owner-surrendered, meaning her owner turned her in. There's nothing wrong with her, though—I mean, she's sweet, loving, well-behaved, and potty trained—so I'm guessing her owner must have died. I mean, I can't figure out why else someone would give her up. Besides, she kind of looks like an old-lady dog, right?

Anyway, Kiki wasn't spayed when Patty and Ted got her, so she just had the procedure done, hence the cone on her head. I love that my friend Patty didn't take the sticker off of it:

I didn't have Beverly with me when I met Kiki, but there's no doubt in my mind that the two would become fast friends.