PETA Documentary

There's a very good documentary on HBO On Demand right now called "I Am An Animal" about PETA and its founder, Ingrid Newkirk.

About Newkirk, via USA Today...

Before filming, "I thought she was crazy and the people who work at PETA nuts," says [director Matthew] Galkin. Instead, he found "she has this steely veneer, but she can be funny and engaging. She's one of those people who needs to look in the dark corners of the world."

Beneath the surface of an intensely dedicated activist, Galkin unveils a pragmatic loner who abhors romantic relationships because she can't commit the time, and a childless 58-year-old who decided to undergo sterilization in her 20s because she felt having children was selfish, given so many orphans in the world. And her will mandates that her body parts be barbecued to remind others of what it is like to roast animal flesh.

She's fascinating and this documentary is great. Whether you support PETA or not, you should see it. It examines not just PETA, but the animal rights movement in general.