Cliquey Dogs

My mom has two Yorkies, Gracie and Ruby.

Gracie & Ruby

They're very cliquey, these two...

Ruby & Gracie

...and they always ignore Beverly when she comes to visit.

Bev, Gracie, & Ruby

Ruby, Gracie, & Bev

A few summer's ago when I was visiting my mom, I took a picture of them looking at me through a back window of her house.

Ruby, Gracie, & Bev

At the time, I only noticed Gracie and Ruby on the left-hand side. It wasn't until I downloaded the picture that I saw my little fat Bev standing all by herself on the far right.

Do you see her?

Here's a close-up:

Isn't that the funniest/cutest thing ever?

She has such a sad look on her face, like, Mommy, please come back inside. Don't leave me in here alone with these two. You're my only friend.

I don't know why I shared this... I've just always loved this picture, I guess. It makes me laugh.