Mmm... FreshDirect

Attention all you FreshDirect groupies...

You know how FreshDirect has all those incredibly delicious 4-minute meals prepared by expert chefs? Their cool packaging steams the food as you cook it, so most of the ingredients inside are fresh, never frozen or vacuum-packed.

Well, if you're a fan of these (and if you're not, you must give them a try), they have a new line of vegetarian meals out that are absolutely fabulous and under 500 calories each. Even if you're not a vegetarian, you must try them—they're amazing and totally filling.

The meals were developed in conjunction with EatingWell magazine and there are eight different kinds. So far, I've tried these four:

Portobello Ravioli with Three-Tomato Sauce

This one was definitely my favorite. The raviolis were filled with a blend of ricotta cheese and portobello mushrooms and the tomatoes and basil on top were fresh and delicious.

Black Bean & Hominy Succotash with Barbecued Portobello Mushroom

This one ran a close second, mostly because I have it bad for hominy. No, actually, I think it was the barbecued mushrooms that stole home.

Tofu & Shitake Lo Mein with Coconut-Peanut Sauce

Totally filling. Totally delicious. I love coconut.

Balsamic-Roasted Seitan with Beets, Basil & Farro Pilaf

There's no mention of the grilled radicchio in the name of this meal, but when I saw it in the picture, I knew I had to have it.
I. Love. Grilled Radicchio.
And the seitan in this was awesome.

So anyway, I'm totally going to make these meals a part of my diet. I don't cook much, mostly because my kitchen is not an enjoyable place to be, so I'm kind of an expert on prepared food and these are top-notch. Yay!