Shopping! Part Four

I saved the best for last.

The final stop on my shopping trip yesterday was Bloomingdale's. My mom gave me a $150 gift card from there for Christmas and I hadn't yet spent it. (Can you believe it?) Anyway, I went there yesterday and you'll never guess what I left with. A handbag! Yay!

Okay, so here's the story...

I saw this Michael Kors handbag hanging from a rack and quickly realized it was everything I was looking for in a purse. I started looking around for the tag but couldn't find one, so I asked the nice lady who worked there how much it was, but she didn't know. Since she couldn't find another purse exactly like it anywhere in the store, she said she'd sell it to me for the same price as a smaller but similar MK one they had, which was $398.

Okay, so now I'm thinking, $398 minus $150 is $248 and that's not too bad for a handbag... but then the lady goes, "And I'll give you 20% off because it's Friends & Family day."

Now, if you read Save Karyn, you'll know that this pretty much sold me. (I mean, how funny is it that the same thing happened in the same department of the same Bloomingdale's eight years later? It really was a nostalgic moment for me, a bit like a déjà vu.)

So anyway, $398 minus 20% minus $150... the handbag ended up costing me about $170 plus tax in the end.

Here it is:

Isn't it pretty? I like it because it's not rigid, but soft and casual. Also, the leather is really supple and will look better with age, I just know it.

Okay, now a few more things...

1) It took me forever to find this handbag online, but I finally did at Nordstrom and it's $428 not $398, so SCORE!

2) The picture of it on Nordstrom's website is terrible, so Michael Kors, if you're reading this (ha ha... right), you need to hire a new handbag photographer or have someone monitor the pictures people take of your stuff when trying to sell it online, because I never would've bought this handbag if I hadn't seen it in person. (Oh, and I love you Project Runway!)

3) I hate when handbag designers put those ugly tag things on their handbags (*cough* Coach), so I took mine off.

4) I'm going to have the shoe/leather guy down the street put another hole and grommet in it right here:

So I can carry it on my shoulder like this if I want to, too:

Yay for a good shopping day!