Norma Kamali's Bill Swimsuit

I just checked my blog traffic for the the day and I'm getting a gazillion hits from people looking for the Norma Kamali "Bill" swimsuit. (I wrote about it when I was looking for a swimsuit in January.) See? This is just in the last 15 minutes.

I wondered, What on earth could've happened today to make all these people search for this swimsuit? Well, the answer to that is Oprah. She chose the suit as one of her top picks for summer, which is what the show was about today.

I linked to Norma Kamali's website from my initial post so I clicked on it just for fun (wee! clicking links! fun!), but I got a page saying her website is unavailable. I'm guessing it crashed because of traffic.

Oh, the power of Oprah.

UPDATE: Okay, I just started watching the show because I recorded it, and you know that one SNL skit where the audience goes INSANE when Oprah announces that she's going to do a "Favorite Things" show? Doesn't even compare to how crazy the folks went today. They started crying. Seriously.

UPDATE 2: Okay, this whole episode could be an SNL skit. With a straight face, Oprah just said, "I was recently celebrating Maya Angelou's birthday at Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump's Palm Beach resort..." like this is something we all can relate to.

To everyone who just celebrated their cousin's/brother's/friend's birthday at ChiChi's... sorry you're such losers. (That was a joke. No hate mail please.)