Ikea in Red Hook

The location of this Ikea is complete bullsh*t. It's going to back up traffic on the BQE (Brooklyn-Queens Expressway) for miles and make traveling to and from my neighborhood by car (like to the airport) a complete nightmare. No one is ever going to want to visit me again.

From an article in today's NY Post...

One of the Big Apple's most isolated neighborhoods will soon see its meager mass transit system boosted big-time for a long-anticipated IKEA invasion.

But John McGettrick, co-chair of the Red Hook Civic Alliance, says it's not enough.

He said that besides lacking subway service, Red Hook doesn't have adequate roads and parking to handle an IKEA- "especially since many customers won't be from Brooklyn and arrive by car."

"There's been no IKEA in this country ever put in a situation like this; most others like the ones in Elizabeth and Paramus in New Jersey have direct access off highways," he said. "This is on a tiny peninsula that is basically a dead end."

IKEA is offering 1,400 parking spots, although the project's environmental impact statement estimates about 14,000 cars arriving on Saturdays. McGettrick says he believes it will actually be 20,000.

20,000 cars? I mean, are you kidding me?

I know it's uncalled for and drastic to say, but someone needs to burn this IKEA down ASAP.

Go ahead, leave me nasty comments about that. I don't care.

As long as no one gets hurt, burn IKEA, burn.