Ugh. So I'm up right now, in the midst of a terrible coughing fit caused by my allergies. This happens to me sometimes. I think when I sleep, I get (*gross word alert*) post-nasal drip that hits the back of my throat and causes it to get all sore and yucky.

Sorry to use so much medical jargon.

Anyway, a doctor told me a long time ago that that's what causes it. I have to remember to take Claritin or something regularly to prevent it.

Okay, I just took some Robitussin Allergy & Cough that I found in the back of my medicine cabinet, so I'm gonna try to go back to bed now.


UPDATE: I think it's working because I'm high now and just took this picture:

Tippin' it back. Hittin' the sauce.

UPDATE 2: Look who came out of hiding when I broke out the 'tussin.

It's no secret Elvis has had his own battle with this stuff. The lil bugger's beggin' for it.