My Sunday

So I didn't make it to the Brooklyn flea market yesterday. I forgot that I had a birthday party to go to for a friend's baby who just turned one.

A birthday party for a one-year-old is really just a reason for his parents and their friends to get together and celebrate, so that's what we did. We met in Central Park for champagne (even though it was chilly) and then went to Serafina for lunch. After this, we went to La Goulue for wine, and then a friend's apartment for a drink, and then we ended up at a place in Chelsea singing karaoke until the wee hours of the morning. (More like 11.)

This is what happens when you start the day drinking champagne in Central Park.

Oh... the baby went home after Serafina, in case you're wondering. By himself. We sent him packing with nothing more than a can of mashed peas and a diaper bag. Sure hope he made it.

So, about karaoke songs...

  • I'VE NEVER BEEN TO ME by Charlene = Bad
  • DELTA DAWN by Tanya Tucker = Better
  • FREEDOM by George Michael = Best
If anyone in Boerum Hill or Cobble Hill was awoken last night by a girl singing "Take Me Home Country Roads" by John Denver really loudly on the street, my sincere apologies. I was still in a singing mood when I arrived back in the 'hood and was unaware of just how much I was projecting because I was wearing my noise-canceling headphones.

(To the girl I passed who was walking her dog [a big black one], you told me I sounded good and I thank you for that.)