Oprah's Puppy Mill Show

So Oprah aired the puppy mill show today.

I recorded it but I don't know if I can watch it.

Mark is yelling at me right now, saying I have to.

Who watched?

UPDATE: Okay, now Mark is pissed. As I was publishing this post, he got all serious with me on the IM, saying he's not joking, I need to see it, it's important.

I know it is.

I should watch it now.

Maybe I'll watch it now.

UPDATE 2: Okay, I just started the show and Oprah said, "Our show today is for anybody anywhere who loves a dog, has ever loved a dog, or just cares about their basic right to humane treatment."

I already have tears in my eyes. I mean, just from that.

UPDATE 3: I'm a mess.

From Oprah's website, the following organizations and resources offer additional information on adopting animals and fighting back against puppy mills.

Main Line Animal Rescue

The Humane Society of the United States

Lange Foundation

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Adoption service associated with the Animal Planet television series, including links to shelters across North America.

Dogs in Danger

Pets 911
Features searchable lost and found dogs and information about neutering, adoption and training.

World Animal Net
Search for local shelters and adoptable pets.

Search for local shelters, rescues and adoptable pets.

Best Friends Animal Society
Largest no-kill animal sanctuary in the country