QueerJoe, Kate The Cat, Knit Vs. Knitted

As some of you may know, I'm a knitter, so I'm always checking out other people's knitting blogs. Recently I stumbled upon one that made me laugh, simply because of the name:

Ha ha! Men knit, you know. In fact, I once tried to teach Mark, but he didn't have the patience for it. (Not that I do... I have more unfinished projects than finished ones, but doesn't every knitter?) Anyway, QueerJoe's Knitting Blog is pretty good! You should check it out if you like to knit.

Speaking of knitting, my mom and I babysat my niece and nephew this past weekend while my sister and brother-in-law went to Jazz Fest in New Orleans to celebrate his birthday. Nora has always slept with a hundred babies and toys in her crib, and I was happy to see that "Kate the Cat"—a toy that I knit for her a couple years ago—is still among them. Here's a picture; Kate is the pink and orange thing in the top right corner:

(Pay no attention to the Cabbage Patch butt by Nora's face.)

I wanted to show you "Kate the Cat" because it's one of the few knitting projects I've actually finished. I get bored easily, and all of the changing of yarns in this pattern made it fun. Here are some pictures from when I gave it to Nora. (Look how little she was!)

In case you want to make your own "Kate the Cat," here's a link to the pattern on knitty.com. (It's free!) I followed the directions exactly but then felted it to cover up my mistakes. ;)

PS - The last time I wrote about knitting my pink hat, Mark and I argued over the past tense of the word "knit."

I think "knit" is correct; he thinks "knitted" is correct.

After Googling it, I learned that this subject is often debated. (Who knew? There were 23,000 posts about it.) Apparently "knit" is an irregular verb so that's why the confusion. As for which term is correct—"knit" or "knitted"—both are, but "knit" is more correct. (Well, that's the consensus, anyway.) So ha! Mark... I'm more right than you.