Celebrity Sighting!

My friend Mark called me earlier to tell me about a celebrity sighting he had in LA. Here's how our conversation went:

Mark: I'm at the Mayfair Market right now and the guy from Entourage is here.
Me (way excited): Really?! Who? Turtle?
Mark: No, no... the other one. The main one. The one with the hair.
Me: Vinnie Chase is there?!
Mark: Yep, that's the one.
Me: Oh! Will you please take a picture of him for my blog?
Mark: Hun, no! I'm not a paparazzo!
Me: Oh, come on! Please?
Mark: No! I have to go.

He hangs up.

A few minutes later, he calls back.

Mark: Okay, I saw him again as I was leaving and got a picture for you.
Me: Oh, yay! Thank you, thank you!
Mark: I just emailed it. You should get it in a second.

In a second, I get it. I open the email and then the attachment:

Me (confused): Wait, this is it? This is the picture you took?
Mark (proudly): Yep!
Me: But where's Vinny? Is he the—
Mark: Little black blur in the distance, yep.

I don't say anything.

But then I do.

Me (quietly): Lucy Spiller would so fire you if you worked for Dirt.

Mark laughs.

Me: So, it's raining there, huh?
Mark: Sure is...