"Give my daughter the shot!"

Entertainment Tonight is counting down the top tear-jerking movies and they just showed a clip from Terms of Endearment.

Gosh, I love this movie. If you haven't seen it in a while, you must watch it. Jack Nicholson is at his absolute best; every word that comes out of his mouth is amazing. And Shirley MacLaine... oh, how I love her. This has to be her best performance ever.

Funny story... When my sister was in labor with Nora, the nurses didn't want to give her an epidural when she arrived at the hospital because they thought she was too close to delivery. In an Aurora Greenway moment, I started screaming, "Give my sister the shot!" hoping to both make them cave and make my sister laugh to take her mind off the pain. It worked—my sister ended up getting the shot and a laugh. (For the record, Jack was delivered au naturel. Go, sissy.)

Later on, however, just as Nora was about to come out, I had a Salt-n-Pepa moment and started singing, "Push it... Push it real good!" My brother-in-law joined in. My sister shot us a nasty glare between huffs and puffs. Doing this is not recommended. I repeat: not recommended.

PS - I couldn't find a link to the tearjerker countdown on ET's website, but I came across this one on TNT's website while searching.