International Cat Hats

Because I like to knit (and because I'm learning how to sew!), I subscribe to Craft magazine's blog, Craft: Blog. If you're crafty like me, you should check it out. You'll LURVE it!

Anyway, their post today is so funny... International Cat Hats

First Kitty Wigs, now this! Spindles and Spices has been posting free patterns for a variety of feline headwear inspired by various nations, including berets from France and a Thai headdress."

Oh, yes. I have a feeling Elvis might be getting one of these soon.

Click here for the post on Craft: Blog.

And click here for the cat beret pattern on Spindles and Spices

BTW, the cat in the beret's name is Greaseball. Elvis is already jealous of his fame. It's been a while since he's been in the limelight. (Well, except for the fur-ball incident of 2008.)