Dis you know today is ASPCA Day? It is!

From the ASPCA's website:

On Thursday, April 10, cities all over the country will be going orange to celebrate the ASPCA’s victories on behalf of animals and the joy they bring to pet parents everywhere.

Lend us your voice on April 10 by dressing yourself, your kids, your pet—even your school or company!—in ASPCA orange, and show the world you support the ASPCA and the pets we protect.

You'll never believe it, but when I woke up this morning, I found Elvis lounging on the sofa in this:

It's Beverly's Easter dress. It was the only thing he could find that was orange.

Meanwhile, Beverly was wearing this:

(She's colorblind. We don't like to draw attention to it.)

Thank you, Jennifer, for the heads up! And Happy ASPCA Day everyone!