Happy April!

From the October 2006 issue of Elle magazine:

I'm f*cking scared! And that's what I want. I want to be terrified. I want to do what I think I'm going to f*cking fail at miserably. Go down in flames like a fighter pilot, totally screw everything up, be an incompetent, sabotaging asshole. I want full-tilt, 80-miles-an-hour heading into a brick wall. That's what I want.

— Drew Barrymore

2008 is already 1/4 gone, so go through all those new year's resolutions you made and get back on track. Take chances, be daring, live life. Don't let dreams and goals pass you by because you became intimidated, scared, or even lazy. Do what you think you're going to fail at miserably... you might actually succeed.