Jimmy Belasco Soy Candles

So I bought a Jimmy Belasco soy candle in "Green Green Grass." It smells so delicious! Very springy, not too perfumey at all. Here's the description:

If you have been cooped up in the house all winter and the groundhog did not see its shadow... burn yourself one of these! This will take you back to laying on the grass while looking at a clear blue sky... this fragrance is one of our top sellers.

Here's a link to Jimmy Belasco's website. It's, like, the happiest website I've ever stumbled upon. You have to check it out.

Oh, yes... you can buy the candles on his website, too, but please note that they're $34 and I only paid $24.

UPDATE: Here's an article about Jimmy on CNN. I could love him. (Not in that way; I don't think he's on my team.)

Jimmy Belasco's philosophy is simple: "Be happy. Be happy at what you're doing, and if you're not happy then go home and get happy."

"This is our small piece of bringing peace on this Earth," says Belasco. "And if it's through a candle, if it's through a smile, if it's a gift from a loved one, and this just makes your day and lifts your soul -- we did it."

You lifted my soul today, Jimmy, by helping to make my apartment not smell like sheep! Thank you!

UPDATE 2: Omg, I love him more! Jimmy Belasco's new candle line benefits dogs in need.

UPDATE: Brooklyn locals... I bought it at Exit 9 on Smith St.